Best Furniture Brand in Malaysia

We at Abitex Sofas believe that our products are designed and manufactured to make a difference in each of our customer’s lives which led us to become the best furniture brand in Malaysia. 

When Abitex Sofas first started in 1985, the goal was to channel our passion in house textiles and upholstery into creating a company that will soon become the favourite furniture brand in Malaysia for everyone who strives for their aesthetic. 

Now, we are the most favourite furniture brand in Malaysia amongst those who appreciate aesthetically pleasing custom furniture.

Becoming the top furniture brand in Malaysia

ABITEX is undisputed in CUSTOMISED UPHOLSTERY amongst furniture brand in Malaysia and Singapore. We work closely with architects, interior designers, main contractors, and end-users to make sure that each of our furniture is of high-quality that is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

We manufacture sofa and outdoor furniture and supply hotel furniture in both Singapore and Malaysia. Thus allowing us to become the top choice of furniture brand in Malaysia.

Our factories in both countries have a workforce of more than 100 personnel who goes above and beyond to make sure that our manufacturing of furniture is of high-quality. 

Working in our team means dedicating into making sure that Abitex Sofas stays as a top furniture brand in Malaysia – for us, quality is vital. 

Led by our specialists in marketing, operations, technical designers, and field teams, we will provide you with the best solutions to the customisation of sofas, chairs, panellings, and other products related to upholstery. You can’t get this service anywhere else except with the top furniture brand in Malaysia.

For over 20 years, we have upheld our policy in giving the best of service, quality, and reliability. We are proud of our guaranteed short delivery times and we treat all orders whether big or small, with equal attention and importance. 

That is why undisputedly, we remain as the most sought-after furniture brand in Malaysia.

Our Story

The name ABITEX is derived from the word “ABI” from “habitat” and “TEX” from “textile”. The name consists of two of our passions and it has left a lasting impression on many of our customers and we are now the top furniture brand in Malaysia.

With entrepreneurship and progressive mindset, it helped us to transform from being a small furniture-manufacturing plant to an established furniture brand in Malaysia that has employed over a hundred people who are dedicated and passionate in making your lifestyle better. 

Abitex Sofas’s goal is to improve each of our customer’s household living standards by identifying the shifts in consumers’ behaviour. As a top furniture brand in Malaysia, we believe that understanding the need of our consumers is important to remain on top. 

Additionally, the trust that we have incorporated into our employees has created a sense of belonging which in turn empowers them to produce amazing results for the company. Working with the top furniture brand in Malaysia gives job satisfaction that can be found nowhere else.

Why Abitex

We are dedicated to ensuring that you find the right furniture that speaks to your aesthetic and lifestyle - meaning absolute fit, style, and above all, comfort. At ABITEX, we are committed to delivering custom furniture that brings you total satisfaction with furniture that is uniquely yours.