Top furniture manufacturer in Malaysia.

As a furniture manufacturer in Malaysia, Abitex Sofas believes that it is in our duty to provide the most high-quality furniture you can find and get for your personal space, office or exhibition. 

Our pieces are designed to make sure each space in your living room or lounge is enhanced with aesthetically pleasing furniture that has gone through extensive creation and modelling that adds a touch of either traditional or contemporary taste – according to your style.

Browse our furniture to find the perfect piece you’ve been missing to enhance the look and feel of your personal or shared space. With items to choose from our ottomans to armchairs to our side tables, there’s surely a piece of furniture that can accentuate your lifestyle. 

Explore this section to find out why ABITEX is the best furniture manufacturer in Malaysia for you. 


For us, chairs should feel as comfortable as they look. As a furniture manufacturer in Malaysia, we create and manufacture chairs that are designed to last, make you comfortable when you sit on it – whether it’s for dining or work reasons.

Our chairs are manufactured with high-quality wood or metal and upholstered in premium fabric and leather. This makes us the best furniture manufacturer in Malaysia as we keep a sharp eye out on detail and comfort.

Side Table

Side table acts as an accentuated piece of furniture that gives your space and uplift. Abitex is the best furniture manufacturer in Malaysia, so our side tables are all custom-made to make sure it fits even the most traditional style of space you have.

Made of stainless steel, tempered glass top, and Catalpa wood, we make sure that each side table is not only beautifully designed, but also practical and can last a long time. Making us the top furniture manufacturer in Malaysia.

Coffee Table

With our coffee table, you can decor your house to its most minimal design or even to an extravagant decoration. As a furniture manufacturer in Malaysia, we make sure our coffee table is made with top-quality walnut wood frame, steel frame, and tempered glass.

Other Products

With our stock clearance section, you can get a luxury piece of furniture at an affordable price with us – the best furniture manufacturer in Malaysia.